Paintball Colorado

Come and play a game of paintball in a natural aspen and pine tree setting in the Rocky Mountains of Camp Hale. Historic Camp Hale offers terrain with tree bunkers, foxholes, and natural rock barriers. Paintball is a great team building activity that teaches people to work together. It provides leadership training, boosts morale, and offers great exercise. Most of all, it’s fun!! Paintball is perfect for family outings, bachelor parties, corporate retreats, birthday parties, church groups, and charity drives.

Our inclusive package includes transportation, gun, mask, barrel, plug, 200-round pack, endless CO2, camouflage coveralls, and 600 rounds of paint balls (about two hours of game play). This allows the group to play several different games, such as Attack & Defend, Down Pilot, Capture the Flag, and Elimination.  Call group sales to book 719-4876-2656.  10 person minimum.

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paintball at 10,000' Camp Hale

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